Sunday, July 17, 2011

my fear of ostriches

I know it's odd. But of all the animals in the animal kingdom, ostriches scare me the most. They terrify me. Their bigness, their ugly black and white feathers (or is it fur?), their gigantic beady eyes. So you can imagine my horror when I saw these Louis Vuitton window displays.

I don't mind the ostrich eggs display.

But the ostrich? Especially this one with its neck traversing 2 whole windows!
With the ostrich's beady eyes staring at you. Creepy!

And anyway, don't they look prettier this way?
Vintage Hermes Mini Kelly

Kara Ross Lucis Ring Lizard & Seafoam Ostrich
I love the seafoam color peeking out. I would have preferred for the silver to be in the python material Kara Ross Lucis uses rather than in lizard.
Bulgari in olive ostrich
I know, this is circa-2008 on Halle Berry. But I just love the relaxed shape in the luxe skin. And the color! So effortlessly elegant!

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