Sunday, July 10, 2011

dear people at Chloe

I just wanted to ask about the pant length of your Resort 2012 collection. Was the model shorter than you expected? Or are the pants really meant to cascade to the ground?

Don't get me wrong. I love how Paris meets SoCal in this collection. I looove how classic elegance meets nonchalant ease. I am especially crushing on the short-sleeve top (or coat) layered on a longer-sleeved inner. Exactly that. Elegant yet relaxed. 

But I really cannot fathom the longer-than-floor-length pants... Perhaps it is just me and my discomfort with the dirty ground. On this side of the globe, you never know what your designer pants will be sweeping as you walk. Spit, stray-dog-poop remnants, pee (sadly, over here, it could be from either dog or man) or dirty canal water.

So if you could, dear people at Chloe, would you take it up just a couple of inches?

Photos from Vogue.

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