Saturday, July 23, 2011

to brand or not to brand

I confess. When I first read eyecandy's post on her Lotion DIY container here, I wasn't very excited. I guess it's because the marketeer in me prevailed. Especially since those were product categories I work on. And it didn't help that she uses competition. :)

Marketeers spend so much time developing packaging and justifying the tiniest packaging changes to Management (read about a related post here) that the idea of throwing away the branded packaging that took countless manhours to create didn't sit very well with me.

But when I saw the same idea in non-competing categories, I realized what she meant!

Tide, Oxyclean and Coke do look better in these pretty containers!

How could I miss the fact that minimalistic designs look more elegant than the cluttered packs in the supermarket today (see a related post here)? And a marketeer like me knows all too well that with regionalization, packs nowadays have Thai AND Bahasa translations on top of the English labeling requirements! Plus, who would want their home to look like a supermarket shelf?!

So am off to Saizen and Beabi to find some cool containers for my everyday products. Handsoap and dishwashing liquid containers are on top of my shopping list! Now I wonder if I can get a pretty container for my toothpaste (and one I can actually easily transfer to from that tube cluttering my bathroom counter)?

But am NOT budging on my Neutrogena Hydroboost products! This translucent blue packaging is just too beautiful!

Photos from becausei'maddicted, greenweddingshoes, makeupstash and 101gramsofeyecandy.

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