Monday, July 18, 2011


Efficiency is of high importance to me. So I never go to a mall to go to just 1 store at that mall. I have to be able to tick several things off my to-do list when I make the effort to park.

So for those places with only 1 place that is of interest to me, I have mastered the art of the drive-by. I wish all restaurants had a drive-thru, but since they don't -- I place a call to that 1 establishment I want to go to, order what I want and request them to bring my order out for me. You don't even need to get down from your car! Now, isn't that efficient? :)

Some of my staple drive-by establishments are: (1) Sonja's Cupcakes at Serendra for my favorite Vanilla Sunshine cupcakes (and my daughter's Berry Delight). (2) Bubble Tea Megamall where I order Royal Milk Tea with extra bubbles. Yes, of course I love tea with dots (er, bubbles). I drive by the Basement Parking entrance ("Johnny Air Cargo exit" is how the Bubble Tea people know it) and they're ready to hand over my delicious polka-dotted milk tea! (3) Reyes Barbecue on Kalayaan Avenue. I know! Am cringing as I admit this. But hey, Aristocrat pork barbecue with java rice and achara is comfort food for me. I pass Kalayaan everyday on my way home from work. And on days when I work 14-hour days and leave the office close to midnight, I make that call to order my pork barbecue. Because I feel worse about working so late and getting home when everyone is already asleep when I go to bed without dinner (because am too lazy exhausted to reheat the dinner I missed and the maids are already asleep to do it for me)... So I place that call for my comfort food. And working late doesn't feel so sad anymore.

I have yet to try and get Bar Dolci to bring out an order of Butter Salted Caramel macaroons. Hmmm... to-do item for tonight! 

So if you're as lazy as I am and want to give my staple drive-by establishments a try:
Sonja's Cupcakes Serendra - 632-8560308
Bubble Tea Megamall - 632-6387479
Reyes BBQ Kalayaan Ave - 632-4031880

This isn't a regular service so make sure to request for it nicely. And remember to tell them to bring out change. And please tip them well! After all, they did make the extra effort of walking out of their store to hand you your order.

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