Friday, July 22, 2011

dear jeepney driver

I wish you wouldn't stop in the middle of the road every 3 feet. While it's fun to play that old game in gradeschool called "Pepsiiiii... 7-Up!", playing this with you each morning makes me late for work. If you really want to play, we can opt to play Taguan (hide-and-seek) where you hide and I [don't] seek. Now that would make me so early for work! Habulan (tag) is another option... hmmm, but only as long as I'm not your passenger. So okay, fine. For the safety and sanity of your passengers, we can continue to play "Pepsi, 7-Up" as long as your Pepsi's are much longer and your 7-Up's are fewer and farther between (read: please pick up and drop off passengers only at loading/unloading zones).

Pepsi, 7-Up requires at least 2 players where one is the "it" and stays in front facing away from the other players. The "it" shouts "Pepsi" and prolongs the word ("Pepsiiiiiiiii") to signal to the other players to advance toward him. When he shouts "7-Up", the other players need to freeze. When a player is able to tag the "it" after several rounds of "Pepsiiii... 7-Up!", the "it" chases everyone and whoever gets tagged becomes the new "it".

Photo from here.


  1. oh i miss the games i played when i was a kid.. (this one included!) :) climbing trees.. getting dirty.. bliss!! and the only gadget was game & watch or family computer!

  2. @chellybean719 game & watch!!! I miss Parachute! Octopus! And the one where you need to catch eggs! Thanks for reminding me! :)