Saturday, July 16, 2011

dear girl who lets her boyfriend carry her purse

Thank you for showing me that chivalry is not dead - that gentlemen still exist in this age of equality of the sexes. I truly hope to raise such a well-mannered gentleman in my son. I hope he will grow up to be a man that opens doors for women and pulls their chairs.

Though could you draw the line at purses? It's just a waste of all the fitting you did when you bought your bag: does it look good on my wrist? My shoulder, my hand? My wrist again? My hand? My shoulder? Or even the fitting earlier that day when you chose that purse over all your other bags. Since you considered if it goes well with your outfit today and most likely didn't consider if it goes well with his, maybe you could refrain from having him carry this one thing. It just makes him look more genteel than gentlemanly. After all, even if says he wants to carry it, if he really wanted a purse, he would have bought one for himself.

But go ahead and let him carry everything else. :)

Enjoy your shopping weekend!

Photo from sparklesandpretending. 

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