Thursday, November 3, 2011

dear person who used up the roll of TP

This is for the people who used the office bathroom stall before me: the one who finished the roll of toilet paper on the TP holder, the one who used one of the new rolls of toilet paper piled up on the toilet tank lid (the ledge behind the upright toilet seat cover), the one who used more of that new roll but still left it on the toilet tank lid, and the next user who used even more of that new roll but still left it on the toilet tank lid.

Let me describe to you what I see when I enter the bathroom cubicle. There is an empty TP roll on the TP holder which is actually just a hook. It's not even the old kind with a cylinder you need to push to one side so the other end would detach from the wall. That requires some effort to change toilet paper rolls. Ours is a hook so one simply needs to slip the new roll on it. But when I enter the bathroom stall, the empty roll is still on this hook. At the back of the toilet is a neat stack of about five new toilet paper rolls. In front of the neat stack - in a more haphazard way - but still sitting on the toilet tank lid, is one (sometimes, two) half-finished roll(s) of toilet paper.

Here's what I cannot fathom. After you do your thing, you obviously have to reach over behind your back for that roll of TP. Even if you decided to hold onto the roll before peeing, you would have still had that roll in your hand at some point. And yet, you found it easier to return the roll on the toilet tank rather than slip it onto the TP holder hook.

Am trying to convince Human Resources to install as many TP holders in our bathroom stall as there are in the above photo of the Louvre -- so there would surely be tissue on at least one of these TP holders until the end of the workday. But until then, dear officemate who finished the roll of toilet paper, I wish you would try to throw the empty roll into the trashcan and replace it with a new one. After all, it's not like the empty roll left on the wall is a work of art like this.

Photos of the TP in the Louvre Museum in Paris from here and the TP roll art from lushlee.

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