Tuesday, November 1, 2011

a not so pretty sunset

Around this time, four years ago, my travel buddies and I went to Siem Reap. Our itinerary included the Pre Rup Temple, dubbed as one of the best places to watch a sunset. It was quite a climb - especially for the very unfit me. I was panting hard by the time I got to the top. So imagine my disappointment when the sunset at Pre Rup Temple did not come close to the majestic sunsets at our very own Manila Bay.

I realized then that the Philippines is truly blessed with wondrous natural sights that sadly, we take for granted.

Don't get me wrong. Siem Reap's temples were grandiose and worth the trip. My favorite was the multi-colored Banteay Srei Temple.

It was just the sunset at the Pre Rup Temple that wasn't worth climbing up 12 meters of a hill and these stairs for.

That disappointing sunset awakened me to the fact that right in our own country, we have unparalleled magnificent sights -- as the Basta Pinas Travel Advocacy Campaign here by Bonamine and the Department of Tourism explores. Remember my very poor Lakbayan score here? I really should make an effort to bring up my score. Tara na, biyahe tayo!

Photos from here, here and my travel buddy's.

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