Wednesday, November 9, 2011

oops, my neurosis is showing...

This is the original image. When I first published this post here, I initially used this photo. But its color palette just didn't go with the colors of the Rudolph image. And I was obsessing about it... All day at work on the day I posted it... And the day after... So as I drove home on night #2, I decided to re-create it in white background.

... even if I had no idea how to use photoshop. So I made layers of rectangles and circles and eventually made a copy.

... of that beautiful & amusing minimalist poster that deserves to be featured. It was my favorite among this fairytale set from Christian Jackson.

I agree with Jo, the wolf's paw is pretty creepy. Just as creepy as my neurotic obsession with color palettes that have to go together.

Photos from acupofjo.

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