Saturday, November 19, 2011

married-with-children multiplication 2

I talked about how things multiply when you get married and have children here. Another one of these things are Christmas lists. When you get married, your Christmas list multiplies to include everyone in his family. Add to that the neighbors, utility & phone bill deliverymen, garbage collectors and village guards when you have your own home. Then, when you have kids, the Christmas list multiplies by the number of teachers, classmates or friends, school guards & schoolbus drivers.

It's no wonder your once well-thought-of and personalized gift list evolves into a generic gift list. One type of gift for every homogenous group (like classmates or cousins).

Eventually, you realize that gift certificates also avoid the multiplication of gifts to wrap, lug and deliver.

And so I hope you don't take it against me if you receive a gift card from me or your mom-friends this Christmas. 

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