Wednesday, November 9, 2011

"in a little room called the kitchen"

In case you haven't watched this episode, don't worry, I promise not to spoil it so much. For this post to make sense, all you need to know is that Marshall brought the gang to a Hibachi grill restaurant against Barney's liking. I was laughing out loud when, as Chef Takumi started his Hibachi cooking stunts, Barney said, "Oh, that reminds me. There's this other restaurant we should try sometime. What they do is, they cook your meal in a little room called... the kitchen. What's the name of that? Oh yeah, every other restaurant in New York City!"

That's exactly how my hubby feels about shabu-shabu restaurants! It doesn't help when he's already hungry when we get to the restaurant. Seeing food in front of you, albeit uncooked, is understandably difficult for someone who's famished. So he'd much rather restaurants cooked our meals, as Barney said, "in that little room called the kitchen".

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