Saturday, November 5, 2011

tomato weirdness

I don't really understand why.

I looove tomatoes in Italian food... I love Italian tomato soup (My absolute fave is still the Seafood Marinara Soup of the Aranetas' chef. This used to be available to the public in Trattoria Uno in Ali Mall.) and Italian tomato-based pastas & pizzas (Penne Arrabiata, yum!).

But I hate tomato-based sauces in Pinoy food. I just cannot eat Afritada, Kaldereta, Mechado and Menudo. Though I do love tomatoes with salted egg or ensaladang mangga!

So odd because they're exactly the same tomato, right?

Another one of the lovely animated gif photos of Jamie Beck in frommetoyou.

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  1. Ive my share of food quirks! I HATE garlic but love pesto! I only eat onions when its on top of a pizza or fried (onion rings) otherwise I pick it out. My mom hates it when she sees me picking out all those garlic and onions from the viands.