Sunday, November 13, 2011

married-with-children multiplication

When you get married and have children, many things get multiplied. Like the packing you need to do when you go on a family vacation. It becomes extra hard when the destination is somewhere cold.

I remember one family trip in December where I needed to plan for a top, top layer, bottoms, bottom layer (tights or socks or thermals), a jacket, cold accessories (gloves & scarf) and shoes for each of the 17 days of our trip x 3 people (me, Isabella and Noah - thank God the hubby can do his own packing!). I had a mighty excel file detailing the day, our itinerary and the different clothing categories (top, layer, bottom, jacket). 1 excel table x 3 people = 3 worksheets = my mighty excel file. Add to that the exponential amount of underwear plus pajama sets, toiletries, vitamins & emergency meds you also need to pack. Not to mention the fun pack of toys & games for the plane and road trips.

So this is what you're busy with days before you leave for the trip AND AGAIN, days before you head home.

The great thing is that you're allowed 2 big bags for each small kid. That's shopping-loot space multiplied!

Photos from Chance and fromainsleywithlove.

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