Wednesday, November 23, 2011

oomph piece

I am a believer that towering heels can make any outfit look great. An outfit that looks dowdy and frumpy in flats is magically transformed into a smart, chic look with towering heels. They just give that oomph every fashionista [who has gained ten pounds] needs. Somehow, I stand up straighter, look slimmer, project a more stylish demeanor just by slipping on these oomph pieces on my feet!

Turns out, slipping on an oomph piece on your head works just as well... Check out these hats from the Hermes FW 2011 collection. Don't they make these puzzling, almost questionable outfits striking?

Isn't it magical how adding an oomph piece transforms a look?

Photo of the towering Pradas is a re-post from here. Photos of the Hermes FW 2011 looks from Vogue.

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